By the Month Wall


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• 12 months

• 12 x 12

• Premium paper

The artists at Hallmark have found a way to truly highlight and celebrate each month. This calendar features seasonally-inspired and creative themes and motifs all throughout the year. This 12" x 12" wall calendar is a top-selling format and has twelve, uniquely Hallmark calendar spreads, plus a bonus spread featuring a 4-month view of January - April and a contact and notes page. Printed on premium matte paper that works great with either a pen or pencil.

This is by far our most popular calendar format! Our individually designed wall calendars are some of the most unique and highest quality products available. Featuring a variety of photography, illustrations and typographic elements, we have something for everyone in this format. The calendars measure 12" x 12" and come standard with 4 bonus months. The calendars are printed on premium paper and are packaged in shrink wrap.

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