TF Publishing appreciates the Earth and has made a commitment to minimize its impact on the environment.  Please continue these green efforts by using one of the ideas below to recycle your calendar:

  • Cut out the artwork and frame it
  • Use calendar pages as gift wrap or to make greeting cards
  • Use calendar artwork as textbook or binder covers
  • Use the 12" x 12" wall calendars as scrapbook pages and backgrounds (most scrapbooks are 12" x 12", too!)
  • Create a chronological photo album - an old calendar can be an easy way to match pictures with dates for your favorite memories
  • Make your own jigsaw puzzle
  • Line your drawers or cupboards
  • Laminate the calendar images to create beautiful placemats
  • Cut out trees, animals, scenery or other graphics to create a landscape or seascape for an aquarium
  • Use the artwork to make bookmarks
  • Use the artwork to make coasters
  • Donate the calendar to a school or local art class for projects
  • Make origami with the calendar pages

For more information on TF Publishing's commitment to the environment, please visit the "About Us" page of this website.