Violet DO STUFF Memo Magnet Pad


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Remembering tasks, appointments and marking off your lists is so easy and fun with this lovely violet, Do Stuff memo magnet list pad. Jot down your schedule, daily to-dos, or grocery lists, then tear it off and start anew. The 4" x 8" size magnet pad is perfect for filing cabinets, refrigerators or any other magnetic surface. The lovely, purple, dual-shaded pad has 52 tear-off sheets sectioned into stuff to organize "Now" and stuff to organize "Later". Comes packaged in a poly bag. WE LOVE LISTS! We know you do too...especially super cute ones.

Magnetized lists or weekly planning is made easy with this very functional format. Perfect for any magnetized surface, these full-color designed list pads offer lined lists with check-off boxes or weekly planning with days of the week as your guide. Fifty-two open-dated weekly sheets easily tear off to start anew week after week. Packaged in a poly bag.